Product technical engineer

  • Nanjing
Requirements: 1, bachelor's degree or above (mechanical manufacturing or mechanical and electrical Specialties); 2, 3 years of design experience and high level of design, product design experience is good. 3. A solid foundation of mechanical design; a comprehensive understanding of the material and processing technology; 4, can be skilled in using two-dimensional three-dimensional software to complete the production of the effect map, (good at proe or SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and so on); 5, understand hydraulic technology priority; 6. The age is not limited to sex: Unlimited 7, can bear hardships and endure hard work, work attitude is correct. Fringe benefits: 1, the company shall handle social planning and medical insurance according to the regulations of the state; 2, on and off the traffic car to receive, provide lunch subsidy; The company, adhering to the principle of fair competition, provides each employee with a broad development space and career planning and design and supporting job skills training.