In order to attract, motivate and retain excellent talents and achieve win-win results between enterprises and employees, enterprises provide employees with comprehensive and competitive broadband salary and welfare system based on job value and differentiation of employee capabilities.

Salary incentive:

Provide enterprises with external competitiveness (12+2 mode) compensation incentive and internal fairness, realize the unification of individual value and enterprise value in the short-term, medium-term and long-term incentive portfolio, performance oriented reflects the value of the individual differences, so as to realize the win-win situation of enterprises and employees.

Comprehensive welfare:

When multiple benefits:

It provides five statutory benefits, including insurance and housing accumulation fund, and provides enterprise annuity plan for employees. In addition, it also provides employees with abundant benefits such as wedding gifts, business benefits and flexible benefits.

No happy life plan:

In order to ensure employees happy work, happy life, balance between work and life, in addition to competitive salary, but also for the staff provided by the rich features of components of the "happy life", such as: the employee health management, children's education, help employees activity center, reading room, etc..

After the employee care:

Including new employee care and on-the-job employee care.